Fabric Machinery in Factory

Prices are based on the weight of the fleece rounded to the nearest 1/10th of a pound.


$5.00 per pound based on incoming weight of fleece

Washing includes tumbling and two wash cycles.  If more wash cycles are required, your invoice will reflect it.  If you do not want us to run your fleece through the washer more than two cycles make note of that on the Fiber Processing Work Order form.  This option is only available if you are sending us fleece for washing only because we will not run dirty fiber through our machinery.  If we are processing your fiber beyond washing additional wash cycles will be determined by us in order to protect our machinery and may incur fees in excess of $5 per pound per additional two cycles.


$25.00 per pound based on outgoing weight of finished product

This includes tumbling, washing, picking, carding, and spinning.

Core spun yarn is great for crafts, baskets, rugs, etc.


For customizing your order!

  • Separator/DeHairer - $8.00 per pound (1st pass included)

  • Blending fibers - $2.00 per pound plus the cost of added fiber

  • Washing - $5.00 per pound (2 passes included)

  • Processing delicate fibers (such as Suri Alpaca) will incur an additional fee of 10% of the total cost of processing that fleece.

  • Skirting - if your fleece is not properly skirted or not skirted at all we will charge $30 per hour to skirt your fleece in 30 minute increments.


$20.00 per pound based on incoming weight of fleece

This includes tumbling, two wash cycles, picking, dehairing/separating, and carding.  If, in the discretion of the mill, the fleece requires more than two wash cycles you will be charged an additional $5.00 per pound per additional two cycles (see description under washing)


Includes the same as Fleece to Roving, plus spinning to the desired weight of yarn.  Price is calculated on weight of the finished product.

2 Ply Yarn:

  • Bulky - $28/lb

  • Worsted - $31/lb

  • Sport & DK - $33/lb

  • Fingering - $35/lb

  • Lace - $38/lb

3 Ply Yarn:

  • Bulky - $31/lb

  • Worsted - $34/lb

  • Sport & DK - $36/lb

  • Fingering - $39/lb

  • Lace - $43/lb


Custom pricing

This is a great use for shorter fibers in your animals' fleece.  Can be used for any number of projects!  Contact us to discuss your project and pricing.


4 Ply Yarn:

  • Bulky - $34/lb

  • Worsted - $37/lb

  • Sport & DK - $40/lb

  • Fingering - $43/lb

  • Lace - $47/lb

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