• Betsy Morehead

It’s all new to me

I never thought about starting a blog. It never occurred to me that I had anything all that interesting to say or that anyone would be very interested in anything I have to say (except maybe family and friends). That being said, here I am starting a blog about becoming a business owner, starting a fiber mill (sounds very 19th century doesn’t it?), and becoming immersed in my community.

I have purchased used Belfast Mini Mill equipment from Shawn and Lori Malloy in Springfield, Kentucky, and one or two pieces directly from Belfast Mini Mills in Belfast, Prince Edward Island, Canada. All of it should be here next week. The building I have leased has cold water to it. No hot water, no hot water heater. It does have gas so I have contacted plumbers to get quotes to have a tankless hot water heater put in, the plumbing necessary for the washer (connections, drains, etc.), a commercial sink, and a new toilet (because the one there was installed in 1930 or there about). It’s been interesting trying to get plumbers to show up to find out what you need and then to get them to actually send a quote. Now I’ve picked one and need him to show up to start working! And I need an electrician to re-route the outlets so all the equipment isn’t using one circuit.

It’s rather fascinating, all of the little do-dads you encounter and have to deal with as a business owner. I knew there would be all sorts of little things, I just didn’t know what all they would be. I think I’ve handled it all pretty well. It helps that I have a supportive husband and family and friends, and bankers I’ve known for a long time and who trust me. Of course, I’m not actually opened for business yet, so we’ll see how well I handle those little do-dads once I am actually opened for business. Hopefully I will roll with it.

Stay tuned . . .


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