I am Betsy Morehead.  I am an attorney licensed to practice law in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and a long-time fiber enthusiast.  My mom taught me to crochet and knit as a child.  Nearly every woman and some of the men in my family are knitters, crocheters, or weavers.  I learned to spin yarn on a spinning wheel 4 years ago.  Spinning led me to learn about fiber and the animals that produce the fleece and wool which I was spinning, and then to learn how to process the raw fleece as directly sheared from the animals.  I have been trading with owners of fiber producing animals for several months by processing their raw fleece, returning part of what was provided as spun yarn and keeping the rest for myself as payment.  When I was laid off in the fall of 2018 I knew I didn't want to go back to work in a law office.  I wanted to work with sheep wool, alpaca fleece, and any other animal fiber I could get my hands on.  After months of research and investigation my husband, Mike, and I took the plunge and opened Scissor-Tail Yarn & Fiber Mill.  

Processing fleece "manually" and spinning on a wheel and various spindles has provided me with a good deal of knowledge and experience.  I am certain I have much more to learn and am excited to get started.

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